Building Fund Projects

A painting project is currently under way.  The parlor, flower room, 2 classrooms and the hallway trim off of the downstairs social hall have been painted recently.  In addition the hallway leading to the youth center and the youth center rooms have been painted.  The three remaining smaller rooms in the youth center will be painted in the next few weeks.  The painting was done by Wayne Fisher Painting and Carpentry.

In addition, the 2 ceilings damaged in the last couple of months due to the storm have be repaired.  We appreciate so much the volunteers who have helped us with many of the related repairs.

To request assistance from the Premises Committee, please fill out one of the yellow cards in the church office as you see repairs that are needed inside or outside the church.  This will assist the committee in pinpointing needed repairs, prioritizing them and making the repairs in a timely manner.

Thank you for your support of the premises committee and the building fund as we seek to faithfully maintain the church and its premises.